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About Passionarta

Style, redefined by Passionarta:

An expression of your unique individuality.


Wearable Art

At Passionarta, we are not just creators of handcrafted bags; we are storytellers, weaving tales of joy, freedom, and the celebration of individuality.

Our journey began with a simple yet profound belief — that art literally belongs into the hands of people. Passionarta is not just a brand; it’s a canvas for your story, a gallery of self-expression where every stroke of color, every brush of creativity, is a celebration of you.

Passion & Art:

Passionarta is born from the synergy of passion and art. Our founder, Maria Hubmann, pours her creativity onto canvas, and this art transforms into one-of-a-kind handcrafted bags. We believe in the power of art to elevate your style, and each bag is a testament to this belief.


Your Story, Your Bag:

We recognize that your bag is more than a utilitarian item; it’s a companion on your journey, a confidant of your experiences. At Passionarta, we create bags that resonate with your story, amplifying the joy and freedom you carry with you every day.

Our Mission

Our bags are not mere accessories; they are wearable art pieces. Every stitch, every hue, is a brushstroke, and each bag is a masterpiece in its own right. We invite you to step into a world where functionality meets creativity, where your accessories are not just additions but reflections of your unique radiance.


A Symphony of Colors and Styles:

Passionarta is more than a brand; it’s a celebration of diversity. We offer a symphony of colors and styles because we understand that individuality knows no boundaries. Your style is a reflection of your journey, and we are here to accompany you on this colorful adventure.

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Join the Passionarta Community:

Passionarta is not just about bags; it’s about building a community of individuals who revel in their uniqueness. Join us in celebrating art, style, and the freedom to be yourself.

Welcome to Passionarta, where joy, freedom, and unique expression converge.


Maria Hubmann