passionarta vision and philosophy

At Passionarta, we believe that true personal style comes from embracing your individuality and expressing it through the things you carry.

That’s why we create one-of-a-kind handcrafted bags that are not only functional but also works of art.

Each bag is a true original, made with care and love by hand in Vienna, Austria.

Our bags are more than just accessories, they are a way to show the world who you are and bring joy to your work and life.

But we don’t stop there, we also offer custom-made bags tailored to your personal style, colors and needs.
If you’re looking for a truly unique and personal item, contact us and let us help you create a one-of-a-kind work of art that you can use
every day.

Write us at to inquire about our portfolio of handmade bags.

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We transform our own original artwork into unique bags.

We believe that artfully painted canvas is far too beautiful to only hang on the wall and collect dust. That’s why we don’t stop at creating original paintings, but produce wearable art for you to touch, carry and show to your friends and customers.

Each canvas is uniquely painted by Maria and then sewn to stunning Passionarta bags by Barbara.

From white canvas to finished bag every step is done with special care and love by hand in Austria.



Our Vision

Our colorful Passionarta bags celebrate and encourage your creative expression because we see every human as a unique contribution to a colorful and diverse world. From the bottom of our hearts, brush and sewing needle we desire for you to recognize that your uniqueness matters.

Passionarta combines 2 wonderful concepts: Passion & Art. Passion and Art are always present and play an important role in designing and making our hand-made bags. Our passion for creating combined with original art makes “Passionart”. The A at the end stands for female power – ours and that of our customers.

We love to experiment with different materials, colors and designs. We also strive to make better, more beautiful and user-friendly products. Our goal is to create something completely new and unique: art as bags, bags as art.



Highly Personalized Bags

Are you looking for something truly unique and personal to you? We love to create custom-made products of all kinds. Choose your style, colors and type of bag and you will receive a unique bag that is tailored to your unique personality and needs.

Write to us on Facebook or Instagram or send us an e-mail to to inquire about your options. We love to hear from you!



The women behind Passionarta

Are you curious how Passionarta started out and who the women behind this revolutionary project are? Then keep reading!

Maria Hubmann und Barbara Klug, Passionarta founders
Barbara and Maria

Barbara Klug

Barbara has the exciting task to bring the canvas alive and create beautiful, unique bags out of the colorful fabric. What’s needed for that? A sewing machine, a good amount of creativity and her highly developed sewing skills.

Maria Hubmann

Maria is the creative painter at Passionarta. She doesn’t believe in tight, grey boxes that people should fit in. She believes in joy, freedom and authentic expression and invites you to show your unique personality.


How it all began

In late summer 2020 Maria sat down with her old Singer sewing machine and made herself a new bag. When she put back the machine into the corner some leftover artist’s canvas caught her eye.

“I could also make bags out of painted canvas!”, crossed her mind and Passionarta was born.

She immediately sat down with an old piece of painted canvas to sew a proof of concept bag. A small pouch and a clutch later, Maria was ecstatic – her idea worked beautifully. However, her skills and patience behind the sewing machine was no match for her painting talent.

That’s when Barbara entered the scene. She uses her sewing skills and love for creating new designs to make high-quality unique bags.

Maria and Barbara make a perfect creative team.

Passionarta was born!



Have you ever owned your own WEARABLE ART?

Find your stylish clutch, extravagant wallet and easy-going backpack in our Etsy-shop. The Passionarta bag that enhances your own unique radiance already awaits you.

If you are looking for something extra special, we also make personalized handbags or perfectly fitting laptop sleeves with your favorite colors, design and shape. Contact us now!

Yours colorfully,
Maria & Barbara